The Hills of Darjeeling, Sikkim and the Plains of West Baengal are all the Part of the Great Eco-system of the Foot-Hills of the Eastern Himalaya’s with a Unique Geographical Location and Amazing and Varied Climate Hence Allowing a Great Variety of Avifauna to Survive and Thrive and turning it into a Hotspot for a Varieties and Different Species of Birds and Wildlife. While here you must listen to the close of the natural Environment, Keep your Eyes and Mind Open and we Guarantee you that you will feast your Eyes with the sights of Colorful Birds Flying around with different melodies either in trees far away, From your Hotel / Resort Balconies or even in your Neighboring Gardens. Sikkim Alone has an Official Counting of 550 Different Species of Birds Recorded right from the Hot And Humid Tropical Forest to the High Altitude Alpine Forest Lying at the base of the Deity Mt. Kanchendzonga The Art or Passion for Bird watching comes from our Primates – so it comes to all the Humans Naturally- Anciently our Primitives were Bird Hunters and caught them either to Survive of Simply because they found them Interesting due to their colorful appearances and melodious calls, or because of their most Valuable asset “ the Power of Flight” I order to do So they started to Learn More about Birds Their Types, their Calls, their habitats and Habits, slowly the Concept of Conservation towards Birds Came in and the Interests amongst many to learn more about these Creatures Developed and Started Bird Watching.

BIRDING SPOTS IN SIKKIM Birds Can Be Spotted all over Sikkim if you have the will and Heart for it, However there are a Plenty of Spots all over Sikkim where Birds can be Spotted in abundance with their daily life Activities- these spots Mostly include Forests, Lakes, River Banks- to which Mostly you would have to hike / Camp or Some are Commutable by Car.

South Sikkim: Kitam Bird Sanctuary
Mainam Hills
Tendong Hills
East Sikkim: Fambong- lho Wild Life Sanctuary
Ridge Park
Tashi view Point
Aritar Lake and Surrounding Areas
Kyongsla alpine Sanctuary
Minminchu Lake
Zuluk and Nathang Valley  
West Sikkim: Darap Village
Kanchendzonga Wildlife Sanctuary
North Sikkim: Mangan
Rodhodendron Sanctuary – Lachung
Yumesamdong valley

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Sikkim Travel Tips

Sikkim is a small state nestled neatly amongst the Great eastern Himalayas and hosting quite a few ethnic tribes and vast variation of weather conditions. To enjoy any Holiday or a Trip a wise and an essential packing of luggage is a must.

Please do make sure that you carry the items and keep in mind the Do’s and Don’t’s mentioned below:

  • Documents:

Please always do carry an Original Identification for yourself and all the traveling members, such as Passport/ driving lsc/ ration card/ voters card.

  • Clothing, Shoes and weather Grear

A good pair of light sneakers (preferably waterproof or leather if visiting North Sikkim) are very important for your feet, as you may have to walk in some places. Carry a few woolen clothes as it may get a bit cooler in the morning and evenings, also you would require them for visit to tshangu lake and Baba Mandi, If there is snow at the point you visit, there are always hawkers who give rented gumboots, gloves, and raincoats so you can feel free to roll around on the snow. Always carry small towels with you while traveling,

  • Toiletries and Medical Supplies

Please carry your medicines, water and what your doctor has suggested for high altitude. chweingums of great help to overcome giddiness at very high altitude. Please carry anti-vomit tablets like Avomine, Pregnidoxin, Reglan and Deriphyllin/ Coca for breath control as the twisting and curving roads tend to get you sick.

  • Photo equipment

Please carry extra data cards if you are taking pictures in high megapixels, you are going to run out of space. Lithium batteries are also not much help as they can store little charge. Carry several alkaline batteries and camera which can be of great help as you will be tempted to take thousands of photographs

  • Miscellaneous

Please avoid eating from wayside dhabas as they might tend to get you sick, also before boarding on a car for a long route eat light and carry some snacks with you, always carry a mineral water bottle with you and avid drinking outside waters.

  1. Vegetation is fragile; follow designated trails.
  2. Avoid littering and deposit garbage at designated places.
  3. Keep all pollutants away from streams and lakes.
  4. Respect local culture by taking permission before taking photographs.
  5. Dress modestly. Be aware of the customs and manners and culture of the local people.
  6. It is customary to leave a donation at a monastery and to circle shrines in a clockwise direction.
  7. Enjoy yourself always
    1. Don’t disturb wildlife or its habitat.
    2. Don’t buy endangered species or antiques.
    3. Don’t smoke, drink alcohol which is strictly prohibited in public
    4. Don’t talk loudly near sacred places.
    5. Don’t pluck plants or flowers

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